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Ankur Sengar ( CEO )---9868865959 Surakshahub was formed 11 years ago to provide affordable insurances. But even in the company’s earliest days, its leaders were thinking ahead to the future. Today, we offer affordable and customizable motor, home, life and accidental insurance products. Insurance is a very big deal — simply ask anyone who's had a claim that wasn't sufficiently secured. That’s why choosing the right insurance company and working with an independent advisor is so important.


Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Your vehicle is one of the most prized assets. Insure your vehicle by picking the correct motor insurance and secure peace of mind while driving. With a reliable motor car insurance, you can protect yourself from money related possibility that may affect you because of any awful disaster or claim emerging out of third party mistakes. Accidents are unfortunately very frequent in our country. With barely anybody following traffic rules, damages are exceptionally regular bringing about both – a financial loss and loss of mobility. Despite the fact that the Indian law makes it mandatory to insure your vehicle against third party liability, however judiciousness additionally recommends a comprehensive cover for your vehicles. Motor insurance is an agreement between a vehicle owner and the insurance company where the insurance company makes up for the loss arising from accidents, thievery, or third party injuries/death. It can also cover any personal injury, to you or to your passengers due to a mishap. Advantages of Motor Insurance? Motor-Insurance Quick Claim Settlement Best Product Lowest Premiums Renewals from any Company Cashless Claims Timely Renewals 24 Hr Service Helpline False 1520240650
Health Insurance
Health Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Health insurance is against the risk of bringing about medicinal expenses among individuals/group of individuals. In today’s time, even a small visit to a normal hospital may cost thousands of rupees. It is not that one can’t bear the cost of it but rather it is sensible to have your health policy to take care of your medical expenses. It is more the burden of medical expenses that kill a man instead of disease. It is checked whether a patient is assured of medical expenses being taken care by someone/not a burden on him/her, he/she gets fast recovery then generally. Financially it is constantly better to take a health policy and pay for a small premium than paying the huge hospital expense encase of sudden illness. Because of these reasons health policies have turned out to be so popular among the lower section as well. Health insurance is an agreement entered between a customer (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer), wherein the insurer agrees to pay the insured for health care costs that might arise due to hospitalization, accident, illness, or disease.All these expenses are subject to limits defined in the contract. Health cover provide complete protection to the insured and family. One can cover your spouse, children and dependent parents from all Health worries. The Health Insurance cover can be of two types – a) General Health Insurance Cover b) Critical Illness Cover provide for critical illnesses/diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, diabetes and cancer. Key Benefits – No medical check-up required up to the age of 60 years. The policy covers 60 days pre and 90 days post-hospitalization expenses. Get reimbursed even without undergoing hospitalization, on 141 day-care treatments. Get reimbursed for domiciliary (home) treatment under Family Floater Plans. Reimbursements of Ambulance expenses, every time you need admission to a hospital. No paper work, immediate issuance of the policy upon premium payment. No sub-limits on any disease, or hospital charges, or doctor’s fee. Cumulative Bonus for every claim-free year up to maximum 50% of sum insured. Income Tax Benefit under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. disease Eligibility – We offer the Health Insurance policy for all ages between 3 months – 65 years. False 1520240569
Life Insurance
Life Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Life Insurance fills double need – not just it gives financial protections to the family members in case of premature death of earning member yet additionally gives long term saving for your financial and retirement plan. Life insurance policy is an agreement regularly between an individual (called the insured) and the insurance agency (called the insurer), where the insurance company promises to pay a total of cash to the insured’s nominee, in the event of the insured’s death. Advantages of Life Insurance life-insurance High cover at low premiums Better Understanding of your needs A dedicated team to handle your Claims Better Fund Management Timely Reminders and collection of Renewals For Individuals For Corporate ENDOWMENT POLICIES GROUP TERM POLICY MONEY BACK POLICIES GRATUITY POLICY TERM POLICIES KEY-MAN POLICY WHOLE LIFE POLICIES EMPLOYER- EMPLOYEE POLICY CHILD POLICIES ANNUITIES AND PENSIONS POLICIES SINGLE PREMIUM POLICIES True 1520240472
Accidental insurance
Accidental insurance INR 0 INR 0 Few Peoples have taken cover to protect themselves against the risk of personal accidents and the medical complications they involve. Personal accident insurance is an appealing choice, not only does it cost less than other insurance policies, it also covers all accidents. Personal accident policies cover you for one or more of four possibilities in case of an accident: death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability. Accidents can happen when you least expect it, and a serious injury or accidental death could have destroying money related results for you and your family Accident-insurance The value of human life and sufferings can’t be measured with money, but with a view to give some relief to you or members of your family in case of an unfortunate accident. Personal accident insurance can help protect your financial security until you get back on your feet and return to work. This insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment after an accident to use as you see fit. It can help with out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, copay’s, transportation to medical centers, childcare and more. Accident insurance through your employer may include benefits for : Injuries: fractures, dislocations, concussions, lacerations, eye injuries, torn knee cartilage, ruptured discs, second and third degree burns. Hospitalization : hospital admission, confinement and inpatient rehab after an accident. Medical services and treatments: ambulance, emergency care, therapy services, medical testing (including x-rays, MRIs, CT scans), medical appliances and certain types of surgeries. Additional benefits: accidental death, dismemberment, loss and paralysis; supplemental benefit for lodging. Plus: guaranteed acceptance, convenient payroll deduction, portable coverage. True 1520241339
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Surakshahub has established itself as the leading insurer in India over all segments of the business ranging from Small and Medium Scale Enterprises to Large Corporates and Multinationals. We offer solutions for all segments of the business ranging from Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Chemicals, Foods and Beverages, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Power, Technology, Telecom, Textiles, Transport and Logistics. For your quick reference, we have listed down our bundle of products to oblige your insurance needs. property-insurance Property Insurance : Surakshahub, specializes in offering commercial property insurance for the most complex and challenging exposures. Marine Insurance : Surakshahub provides marine insurance for all types of marine cargo risks. True 1520241431
Travel insurance
Travel insurance INR 0 INR 0 Travel insurance is also known as overseas insurance. It is a comprehensive policy covering unexpected medical and non-medical expenses when you travel abroad. It even insures you against any unfortunate accident you might be associated with while overseas. Regardless of your identity – a business traveler or a leisure traveler, with the best travel insurance by your side, you will be protected against any possible financial contingency due to unfortunate events, for example, personal liability, loss or delay in checked baggage, passport loss, medical emergency or an accident while travelling.Traveling What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance provides insurance cover for the risks a person may confront on a trip either abroad. Ordinarily, travel insurance plans provide for medical expenses, loss/delay of checked baggage, loss of passport, personal accident, and financial emergencies. Advantages of Travel Insurance? Travel-insurance Lowest Premiums Renewals from any Company Best Product Quick Claim Settlement Cashless Claims 24 Hr Service Helpline Timely Renewals Key Benefits – No paper work, immediate issuance of the policy upon premium payment. Emergency Medical Expenses covered. Coverage of lost checked-in baggage, trip delays, passport loss or financial emergency No medical check-up required up to the age of 70 years We at Surakshahub, provide you a one-stop solution for product comparisons from leading travel insurance companies with the best quotes. You can also compare the features and benefits of different travel insurance options and choose the one that suits you best. Eligibility – For Overseas Insurance, the person to be insured must be residing in India before the commencement of policy or travel. True 1520241493
Miscellaneous Insurance
Miscellaneous Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Surakshahub provides coverage for companies and firms, against loss of property through fire and other perils. It protects not only property but everything that is associated with it through our products – like Plate Glass, Contractors All Risk Insurance, Industrial All Risk Insurance, Baggage, Money and the all encompassing – Business Suraksha package. miscellaneous We offer protection against a broad range of risks on your business property / premises. The key products offered in the Indian market are as follows: Burglary – The policy provides coverage against burglary, theft including hold-up risk and damage caused to interest covered. Consequential Loss – Fire – This policy covers you for the losses you incur from disruption to your business following a fire. Business Suraksha – This is a unique package policy which provides choice of all type of covers under one Package Policy. Contractors Plant & Machinery – The policy provides the hassle-free way to protect loss or damage to machinery, equipment and tools used for construction due to an accident arising out of external perils. Contractors All Risk – The comprehensive policy covers the contractor/principal from physical loss or damage to property, plant, machinery and tools, project items /works brought on to the site and temporary works erected on-site, as well as third party liability related to work conducted on the site. Electronic Equipment – The policy covers the assets so vital to keeping your business functioning smoothly – your electronic equipment and data. Erection All Risk – The policy provides comprehensive coverage against storage, assembly/erection, testing and commissioning of the facility, new green field projects or dismantling and re-constructing it. Fidelity Guarantee – This policy covers monetary loss sustained as a result of act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the employees while performing their duties. Fire & Special Perils – This Policy protects you from financial losses arising out of “Named Perils” Industrial All Risk – This is a Comprehensive Package Policy which provides cover against unforeseen circumstances including accidental damage to the property, which a large industry may face during its operation. Machinery Breakdown – This Insurance covers accidental, electrical and mechanical breakdowns of machinery and equipment as a result of internal and external causes. Money Insurance – The policy broadly covers loss of money in transit by the insured or insured’s authorized employee(s) or money held in safe in the Insured’s premises. Neon Sign – This Policy covers loss or damage to Neon sign by accidental external means, fire, lightning, external explosion, theft or malicious act. Plate Glass Insurance – The policy covers accidental breakage of glass used in the facade or interiors of the building at the Insured’s premises. Portable Electronic Equipment Insurance – The policy provides all risk coverage to portable equipment while being carried around, whilst in storage, use, including accidental damage, breakdown and fire and allied perils. True 1520241582
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